The prompt response brings new clients

Posted in Romania on Friday, 07 November 2014. Print

A simple way to keep your clients and grow the sales: secure a better use of information. (Editorial in Mobila furniture magazine issue no.5/2014, Romania.)

The prompt response brings new clients

Dear furniture manufacturers, last year I was encouraging you to visit more international fairs and to make investments in design – things that you would have done anyway sooner or later, due to the fact that the current realities in the furniture business are demanding them. Now I would like to quote a problem that is way simple to resolve, an issue that doesn't demand investment, but can lead to an increase of the number of your clients.

I know, in a factory there are thousands of important and urgent things to do, and most of them require the attention of the manager... But if it rings, answer the phone! In case you were involved in a discussion, and you had to decline the call, don't forget to call back the person who was looking for you. Maybe the matter approached by the person who called you falls within the competence of somebody else from the company, so you will give just a short guidance, but it really worth doing this: you could “catch” a new client, or find a new, better supplier than the old one. You can't afford to let the information get lost.

In the virtual mailbox dozens of emails arrive every day. After you cancel all what is spam, will still remain far too many messages to read them carefully... and to give detailed answers to everybody, will mean to stay in the office long hours. Don't leave unanswered the letters that have been addressed to you personally, delegate this task to your colleges responsible for the concerned domain, and ask them to follow each new contact. The market is full of potential customers, and only the companies that have an intense communication with them will register a higher conversion rate. The unanswered requests are all unknowns, “dark packages” whose weight could sink your boat, or at least could slow you down – and you will row in vain.

Therefore I recommend you to reply promptly to any call. Read carefully every message. With a minimum investment – time and concentration – you will gain information, you will have the respect of your customers and partners, and I'm pretty sure that you will sell more furniture.


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