SIM 2012 – get ready for the Romanian furniture fair

Posted in Romania on Friday, 17 August 2012. Print

Tradition, quality and design! The International Furniture Fair (SIM) began last year a history of success, by presenting the most exquisite products in the Romanian industry. SIM (19-23. September 2012 | Romaero Baneasa, Bucharest) became thus the meeting point for the most important producers in the country, also well-known abroad.

SIM 2012 – get ready for the Romanian furniture fair

This year’s edition will bring together nearly 200 furniture manufacturers and distributors, whose main goal is to impress their audience. The tradition, reputation and efficiency combined with the good taste and innovation will be represented by the most prolific companies in the Romanian market on a surface of over 21,000 square meters.

SIM 2012 covers the most important sectors of the industry – furniture, processing equipment and accessories – like in its previous edition. In exhibitors’ opinion, this allowed them to benefit the most from the event.


Powerful tradition in wood furniture

Romania is a major furniture exporter, well known for its quality. The production of solid wood furniture (mainly made of oak, but also from chestnut, cherry, beech, maple, ash) has a great tradition in Romania and it is well represented by local manufacturers, specialized in classical furniture for foreign markets.

The largest exports go to Germany, but also Italy, UK, Netherland, France, Russia and other countries for whom the Romanian furniture industry is a steady source.


SIM, a must see show!

Since its first edition, SIM was more than a furniture exhibition. The visitors are awarded with prizes that overcome tens of thousands of euros. Furniture products will be offered at the SIM Super Raffle, while the specialists can win a wood processing equipment of 10 000 euros.

At the same time, the most talented and creative designers, but also early career students – future designers, architects – will be awarded at SIM 2012, in the National Design Competition.


Easy to reach location!

APMR – Romanian Furniture Manufacturers’ Association – and its organizing partner Euroexpo Trade Fairs have chosen a venue situated at midway between the Henri Coanda International Airport and the historical centre of Bucharest, making it easy for the international visitors: Romaero Baneasa.


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