Shades, shadows and lights

Posted in Romania on Friday, 18 November 2011. Print

If we close our eyes all the objects of the room, the furniture and the rest of the interior decoration elements look the same. The visual impressions are defining the way we are perceiving the world which surrounds us: most of the information reaches us this way, our emotions are generated for the most part by what we see. On the basis of this fact I dare to affirm that the light (therefore: the colours, the surroundings) is as important for those who sell furniture, as the wood for those who produce it.

Shades, shadows and lights

The nature of the journalist work involves many journeys, participations to the most important furniture events from the world. Comparing my impressions about the international furniture fairs from three continents, from Moscow to Guadalajara and from Birmingham to Singapore, among other things I arrived to the conclusion that the value of the furniture can be influenced by the lightning of the stand or of the showroom, and of course of the room where the final beneficiary will place the furniture.

You know why the developers of luxury hotels invest good money in designing elaborately the lightening of every space, especially of the rooms? Because they have to create an intimate atmosphere in a concrete cage crowded with the furniture set required by standards. Placed under the warm light of the corner lamp, even the most trivial armchair seems to offer the supreme comfort...

It is not very complicated what I mean to say: pay more attention to how you "put in the spotlight" your products. If you allow a little time and energy to experiment at home which lightening technique highlights the most the qualities of the products you would like to present at the next furniture fair, you will have big chances to be remarked by many clients. The elegant texture of the upholstery, the silky surface of the mat varnish, or maybe the sculpture of a skilled craft master, all these will be noticed by the visitors, without being forced to attract their attention yourself.

Therefore, put the electricians to work! But don’t forget to nominate as foreman an artist, who knows also the meaning of the shadows...


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