São Paulo is in e-commerce spotlight

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With great consumption potential and development index, consumers in the state benefits from the variety found online

São Paulo is in e-commerce spotlight

Consumers from São Paulo have one of the highest average ticket purchases in Brazil in e-commerce. The information is from a survey released by Conversion, a company specialized in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). According to the data, in the last 12 months the residents of the municipalities of São Paulo spent, on average, US$ 320 in e-commerce sites.

In total, 100 million accesses to virtual stores were analyzed during the period and cities like Campinas, Santos, Ribeirão Preto and Sorocaba are among the 10 that makes more use of electronic commerce in the state.

According to Conversion CEO, Ivo Diego, the numbers reflect the high purchasing power of the interior of São Paulo. “They are also associated with increasing consumer confidence in transacting in electronic commerce,” he explains.

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According to Ana Akemi Ikeda, specialist in consumer behavior at São Paulo University, e-commerce allows access to a bigger variety of products, providing to consumers who have money to spend things that were only possible for those who lived in bigger cities.

"The barrier still exists for some segments and products, but the purchase of furniture and appliances from the most varied and different brands, for example, became easier with e-commerce for the residents of smaller cities," she says.

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