Nautical sector: an opportunity for the furniture in Brazil

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The state Santa Catarina is the second largest nautical industrial hub of the country and its government is making investments.

Nautical sector: an opportunity for the furniture in Brazil

Released at 2011, the program New Economy @ SC is a partneship between the government of Santa Catarina – by its Sustainable Economy Development Department – and the Brazilian Service of Support to Micro and Small Businesses (Sebrae). One of the main aims is the strenghtening of small industries in the 47 industrial centers at the state.

“Lots of actions aiming at the industrial competitive growth are going on. Consults in making products and processes better, management capacitations, trade meetings, spaces in sectorial exhibitions are exemples of the instruments for intervention that are looking for more productivity, lower operating costs e, mainly, elevation of participating small industries,” explains the coordinator of Sebrae's industrial section, Roberto Tavares de Albuquerque.

According to the coordinator, there still isn't a specific study about the furniture sector in the nautical chain, but it is known to be a great opportunity. “Specially at the nautical sector, we are developing the Santa Catarina's Litoral Nautical Industrial Pole, with around 60 companies. We have made consultation actions to better productive processes and costs management. We have already done empresarial missions to the main nautical shows in the country and our schedule includes a colective exhibition of our industrial pole and the program New economy @ SC during the São Paulo Boat Show”, adds.

Santa Catarina nautical pole in numbers:
- 10% growth per year
- 2nd biggest industrial hub of the country
- 30 shipyards
- 1000 direct employees (aproximate forcast)

“The participation of micro and small companies is relevant in the whole nautical productive chain in Brazil. Lots of small businesses and others segments that integrate this chain are part of the program, such as: cart manufacturers, nautical acessories manufacturers, metal mechanic, acrilic, furniture companies, eletronics and other services,” says the coordinator.

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“The decreased demand in central markets made the biggest companies of the nautical sector start adopting agressive strategies in searching and occuping new markets, among which Brazil has received relevance because of its growing economy, its consolidated luxury market, and the big potencial represented by the country huge litoral and internal waters,” adds.

The coordinator also explains that, even though the 2008 economic crisis had impacts, Brazilian economy have developed in a consistent way during the last seven years. “In the period, our GDP has grown 27,5%. The nautical productive chain goes with this trend and has expanded in number of clients, volume, boats numbers and size and, as it goes, employment generation,” says Tavares de Albuquerque.


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