Movelsul Brazil: 30 importers participate in Buyer Project

Posted in Brasil on Tuesday, 18 March 2014. Print

In this edition, Buyer Project will explore new markets such as Curaçao, Ghana and Saint-Martin. It aims to stimulate exports of Brazilian furniture.

Movelsul Brazil: 30 importers participate in Buyer Project

A little more than two weeks before Movelsul Brazil 2014, 30 importers from 16 countries have confirmed participation in the event. The furniture trade fair occurs from March 24 to 28 at Bento Gonçalves (Rio Grande do Sul).

Foreigners companies accepted the invitation of Buyer Project and decided to go to Brazil in search of new products, competitive prices and trends launched by Brazilian furniture industry. The Buyer Project happened in the last eight editions of Movelsul and is supported by Apex-Brazil (Agency for Promotion of Exports and Investments).

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UK, Panama, Chile and Colombia were the countries that originated the five largest imports at the last edition of the fair, in 2012 – and its representatives will be there again this year. Also participating in the Buyer Project are traditional destinations of Brazilian furniture production such as United States and other Latin America countries.

Looking to diversify the list of buyers, the project also negotiated the presence of importers from Curaçao, Ghana and Saint-Martin. Although they are small markets, importers of these three countries also cater to neighboring markets.

In their countries of origin, the invited companies operate in different sectors, such as distribution and retailing, catering to all social classes. The total import of these companies reached an annual average annual of US$ 150 million during the last three years, and furniture for kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms are the most popular in the Brazilian market. Following are upholstery, furniture for offices, garden furniture, restaurants, laundry, appliances and mattresses.

As in the last edition, the roundtables will be held at the booths themselves, allowing a more complete presentation by the exhibitors. A total of 112 Brazilian exporting companies are listed to participate.

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