Movelpar: Are sales in Brazil going against or into the wind?

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Movelpar ended last Friday (13) in Arapongas (Parana - Brazil). According to its organizers, the 10th edition of the event showed a positive assessment and achievements.

Movelpar: Are sales in Brazil going against or into the wind?

Despite the troubled times at the start of the event, due to the current political scenario of the country, most retailers and manufacturers who spoke to Mobile Lojista were, progressively over the course of the event, quite pleased and optimistic about the results of Movelpar.

The peak visitation of fairs happens in the second and third days, says the managing partner of Kappesberg, Celso Theisen. He adds that is already part of the company strategy to participate in fewer trade events – and Movelpar is the main event this year. "Customers come from all regions and we have an idea of how sales will be," says, adding that the days of more movement were great for the company.

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The marketing and development manager of Caemmun, Gláucia Cavallini, during the second day of the fair, said that there was still an unknown result in relation to Movelpar. "But there was a big investment, especially in the development of releases and even in an adverse scenario, we continue getting better" she says. Despite the uncertainty, she comments that "on the first day we have had a very large visitation and today [the second day], we opened with a crowded booth. Our concept products aroused a great impression in retailers," she says.

Marcos Nassar Frange, commercial director of JB Bechara, on the other hand, claims that if he had to give Movelpar a score from zero to ten it would be five. "The fair is beautiful, well organized, has good booths, crowded halls and the largest furniture industries in the country are here, but we expected more buyers," he adds.

For Sergio Duarte, of Kit’s Paraná marketing, Movelpar shows what the market has to offer. "We need to create mechanisms that go against the tide. Brazil lives in a moment of pessimism, but we can’t sit on the sidewalk and cry. While some cry, others sell the tissues. Maybe it's time to look at the products and see if companies are prepared to meet the consumer's desire at this juncture."

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