More highlights for the Brazilian Furniture

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Originated from Casa Brasil Trade Show, High Design - Home & Office Expo promises to shake the furniture sector and the Brazilian design

More highlights for the Brazilian Furniture

The date is already set. The first edition of High Design - Home & Office Expo, a trade show that had its origins in the experience of Casa Brasil, of Sindmóveis Bento Gonçalves in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, backed up by a global network of expertise in design and decor events, will take place from the 9th to the 11th of August, 2016. According to its creator and CEO of Summit Promo, Lauro Andrade, the show is the result of multiple factors. The first was his desire, since the beginning of the São Paulo Design Weekend (DW!) - also conceived by him - to link the Design Week to a furniture trade show, similar to what happens, for example, with the Fuorisalone and iSaloni in Italy; the second factor was the requests from architects and interior designers who attend Expo Revestir Trade Show every year, for an event aiming at the furniture sector.


In addition to these factors, we must consider Lauro Andrade´s experience in promoting industry events in Brazil and in foreign countries. This experience was what led Sindmóveis to look for him for a redesign of Casa Brasil. "But only bottleneck of the Trade Show, located in southern Brazil, was logistics, once it has always perfectly fulfilled its purpose in the city of Bento Gonçalves", he recalls. The great distance of every Brazilian city located further north than São Paulo from Rio Grande do Sul made frequent visitation of the Exhibition very difficult.


That is why the event has moved to a new location and was renamed High Design - Home & Office Expo. "Casa Brasil was born to grow, innovate and be a reference in high decoration. Being now in the shaft of Brazil's main events [São Paulo] dedicated to this market and to business, we expanded its representativeness", says the president of Sindmóveis Henrique Tecchio. The organization also signs the advising curatorship of the new trade show.


From Casa Brasil, High Design Expo also inherits the Salão Design – an award that belongs to Sindmóveis since its creation, in 1988, which maintains annual editions - one linked to the biennial Movelsul Brazil. In 2016, the Salão Design Award will have two editions for the exhibition of the winners and finalists: in March during Movelsul, and in August, during High Design Expo in São Paulo.




High Design Expo was launched throughout its partner event, the Design Weekend DW!, in São Paulo. The receptivity was amazing: about 150 companies were there to participate of the happy hours at the lounge set in the Jockey Club, from August 12 to 16. "We already have 40 booths reserved for exhibitors," says the CEO of Summit Promo.


The new Design Trade Show plans to be annual and must meet the main trends, innovations and launches of five segments: high-end furniture, customized and designed furniture, solutions for kitchens and bathrooms, surfaces and light design of national and international companies. Exclusive for professionals, the event is meant for architects, interior designers, builders, retailers, local and international buyers and investors.




The project won the support of Informa Exhibitions, which is responsible for its promotion. The company, present in 40 countries, holds 8000 events per year, 200 trade shows and many of them linked to the theme Design and Architecture. Among these, Lauro Andrade highlights the Interior Design Show in Canada and Dwell on Design in the cities of New York and Los Angeles, both in the United States. In Brazil alone, the multinational has promoted 30 trade shows.



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