Móbile Lojista is already in circulation

Posted in Brasil on Tuesday, 25 November 2014. Print

How will 2015 be? This is the theme of the special report of the 313rd edition of "Móbile Lojista" magazine, which is in circulation all over Brazil

Móbile Lojista is already in circulation

In the new editon of the Móbile Lojista magazine, experts from different fields indicate what to expect to the next year in relation to some areas of retail, consume, trends, business, management, economics and service. The specialists also point out some trends that will be highlighted in 2015, such as: "Economy x Behaviour", "Family Arrangements", "Brazilianness", "Retail" and "Technology".

The new edition also features a special report about modular and planned furniture. The "boom" of the real estates and the decrease in the size of the households has increased demand for these type of furniture - which meets the need to optimize the spaces and intensify the comfort. In this sense, Brazilian industries show the new solutions in raw materials and technologies that they are offering to the market.

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The reader will also find an article which discusses the importance of a good commercial catalog - considered a real showcase on the hands of the customers (retailers or final consumers). However, to the success of the catalog is essential that it has a good presentation, including good pictures and a good text as well - thus increasing the quality of the products offered. This resource can be a fundamental tool of sale and should be available in several viewing platforms.

Keeping the tradition of always bring an interview with meaningful person to the furniture sector in Brazil, the interviewed of this edition is André Leornardo Schumann - president of one of the most important retailers in South Brazil, Lojas Schumann. According to the executive, the aim to next year is to earn over R$ 500 million. During the interview, he also talks about e-commerce and the convergence between the physical and the virtual stores.

The Móbile Lojista 313 also offers an analysis of the economy in the brazilian retail after the result of the last elections that happened in October - which reelected Dilma Roussef as the President -, bringing indicators of the financial market and of the furniture sector. The new products launched and other news about the market and the manufacturers can be found in the new edition of the magazine too.

To access the version for subscribers click here. Subscriptions may be requested at 0800-9791981. One month after the issue be launched, the magazine can be found for free on the website.


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