Mobile Lojista: information for multibrand retail

Posted in Brasil on Tuesday, 30 September 2014. Print

The 311th edition of the magazine Mobile Lojista is full of stories and tips for anyone working with retail furniture

Mobile Lojista: information for multibrand retail

The return of living rooms to the leading role of the residences is just one of the items listed on the 311th edition of Mobile Lojista. Furniture functionality, adaption to smaller homes and environment trends are featured on 'Special Welfare' – cover of the issue.

The magazine also includes coverage of major Brazilian trade fairs such as Movel Show, Mercomóveis, Top Movel and Movelnorte. These events reflect the economic outlook of the furniture sector by the end of 2014 second semester.

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In Balance Market, readers can find an analysis of the growth rate of 5.1% for 2014. Also, an article about the end of the year gives tips of experts to retailers. They explain how to enjoy the last big opportunity to make better results in 2014. Among the recommendations is believing in sales to draw consumers attention.

This month interview is with the executive manager of the retailer chain Quero Bahia, Marlus Rivers. He talks about the restructuration of a chain that now has 53 stores and 24 associated sale points. The proof that his ideas are good are in the numbers: from 2013 to 2014, purchase volume increased around 43%.

Mobile Lojista subscribers can read an online version at the magazine website. Subscriptions can be ordered by +55 (41) 3340-4646. A month after release, the issue can be accessed for free.

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