MagMob’s website gets a powerful upgrade

Posted in Romania on Monday, 11 July 2016. Print

Due to increased demand for online content from both readers and clients, the editorial team of the Romanian publication has invested time and work in creating a completely new web platform.

MagMob’s website gets a powerful upgrade

Since it was launched in September 2015, the website has received very good feedback from readers, who found the responsive layout not only clean and elegant, but also easy to use.

The principal aim of the new structure was to provide an instant overview of the furniture categories and subcategories, to let readers make their selections using tags, and to bring relevant articles related to a reader’s chosen topic to their attention. Built to be a strong advertising tool for the industry players, the site offers display ads and product presentations, all mixed together in a manner to avoid visual overload, and promising a pleasant user experience.

Since the print edition output remains unchanged – six editions are published each year – the new online portal uses just a small number of the articles published in print, and the paper version accommodates just a few news items among those posted previously online. This way, those who want to see the whole picture will be encouraged to subscribe to the printed magazine and access the website daily.

Of course, the magazine enjoys good visibility on social media platforms, mirroring trade and design news, and enjoying productive interaction with readers, many of which are industry professionals. n


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