Luiza Helena Trajano: Brazilian furniture sector needs to unite

Posted in Brasil on Tuesday, 16 September 2014. Print

During Furniture Congress, Magazine Luiza's president exemplifies with the retail market and says there is a lack of maturity to work for the same purposes

Luiza Helena Trajano: Brazilian furniture sector needs to unite

Entrepreneur Luiza Helena Trajano gave the closing speech during the 5th Congresso Moveleiro, last Friday night (12), held at Fiep (Paraná's Industries Federation), in Curitiba, talking about the retail market to an industrial public.

The president of one the largest Brazilian retail groups, Magazine Luiza, suggested a partnership between industry and retail companies, in order to reduce costs, seek innovative solutions and increase sales by attracting the final consumer.

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Using the creation of the Retail Development Institute (IDV, in Portuguese), she said that the furniture business lacks maturity to “unite, regardless of competitors”. “It is a union of multiple purposes from 40 different associates fighting for the interests, not ours, but of the 13 thousand stores throughout the whole country”, pointed.

She added that “in daily basis retail keeps fighting, because most of the times there five different stores selling the same product on the same block. But the goals we reach [through IDV] get to everyone.”

In her opinion, 2015 will be the right time to sell furniture. This year, because of the Brazil World Cup, families invested on TVs, which should happen again in 2016 due to the Olympics. So it is necessary to use next year in order to sell sofas, wardrobes and clothes-lockers.

To conquer this market, according to Luiza, “furniture designers need to go into the poor people homes” and produce pieces that fit their places. She also defends the making of self-assembling furniture, that facilitates consumers' lives.


The business woman brought some data indicating the construction of 23 million houses in the country within the next 10 years. That creates a potential market, since people will need furniture and appliances. Besides, current houses are a whole other market. “Only 54% of Brazilians have a washing machine. In the Northeast region, this number drops to 27%. Just 10% of the homes in Brazil have flat screens TVs and people are needing to update their furniture”, she emphasized.

She closed her speech inviting the industrial entrepreneurs to a partnership with the retail market. To her, that is the path to lower costs and increase sales. “Retail and industry need to unite. You have a huge market to explore and we need to find it together”, she proposed.

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