Loyalty in the customer relationship

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Knowledgeable consumers demand more attention. It is not enough to deliver the basics, according to CEO of Shopper Experience

Loyalty in the customer relationship

The service and customer relationships are still the Achilles heel of the retail and service sectors. That's because, when firms invest to obtain information about your audience, they end up knowing only the profile and not your assessment of the shopping experience. Who certifies it is the president and founder of Shopper Experience, Stella Kochen Susskind.

The debate around these issues happened during the National Congress of the Company-Customer Relations (Conarec), in Sao Paulo. As part of the event program, Stella mediated the panel "Lessons from the evolution of the Shopper: how to win the loyalty of the increasingly demanding consumer", discussing ways to relate to an increasingly demanding customer. The panel had the participation of Sandrine Nass, marketing executive at Daslu, Myriam Naime, director of relationship at UOL, and Susana Kokron, director of customer relationship at Group Alsaraiva.

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According to Stella, consumer loyalty goes beyond the fact of coming back to the store or buying. "You have to pay attention to a fact that the dissemination of good experience is immeasurable. The client, with the power of the Internet and social networks, multiplies information, being satisfied or dissatisfied with what is provided by the brand," she warns.

Among the challenges to success during this process, says the executive, is the accommodation of organizations. "Brands can not find that deliver the basics is enough for the customer," reinforces and continues: "If we take the example of Apple, they already have a wonderful product, but provide a vaery good service and after-sale."

Although there is investment in advertising, training and research, major retail chains still sin on a number of issues in the relationship with the client, ensures Stella Susskind. "The training given to sellers relates much to technical knowledge of the products. In the aftermarket, there are a lot of failed deliveries, bad data administration and, in case of defects, nagociation is not well conducted," she says.

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