FURNistanbul 2014: on the border of two continents

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The first and sole Turkish furniture import fair will be held next year in Istanbul between the dates 24 – 27 May 2014. Starting from next year a new furniture show in Istanbul will take a start: FURNistanbul 2014... In this specific show the global furniture brands aiming to enter in Turkey and surrounding markets will exhibit.

FURNistanbul 2014: on the border of two continents

As its unique characteristics dedicated for importers, FURNistanbul is the only Turkish trade fair where brands from all over the world can exhibit there. The fair will be held between the dates 24 – 27 May 2014 in Istanbul, TUYAP fair ground by ATLANTIS Fair Inc, a part of EKIN Group known with the Mobilya and Furniture magazines not only in Turkey but in international markets too.



As a result of its increasing appeal and growing importance for international trade, commerce and industry including furniture and its strategic location on the cross roads of the east and west, Turkey is becoming day by day the hub of global markets. Turkey’s rapid emergence as one of the fastest growing economies of the world and one of the developing markets in the last few years affected furniture industry positively as a both a furniture importing and exporting country. In recent years, the Turkish furniture industry has become one of the driving forces behind the Turkish economy.


Of course in Turkey there are a few furniture trade fairs organized by Turkish furniture producing and exporting associations, some of them well known in the region. In addition Turkey is at the same time an importing country. But despite all these favorable conditions, till now foreign exhibitors didn’t get the chance of exhibiting in trade fairs being organized in Turkey.


There are some reasons for this. First of all, Turkish furniture associations are not so willing to accept foreigners in the trade fairs organized by them since they don’t want any kind of competition in Turkey and they want to secure their market share. Secondly, in Istanbul there are only two venues suitable for international trade fairs and one is blocked by the domestic furniture fair organized by the biggest Turkish furniture producers association.


As a result of big pressures and demand by global furniture players who wants to promote their furniture in Turkey and surrounding markets, now, ATLANTIS Fair Inc. signed a five years’ agreement with the biggest and most modern venue of Turkey, to organize the first Turkish furniture import trade fair, that is FURNistanbul.


The idea was obviously to organize a specific furniture show on the crossroads of western and eastern world, in order to get foreign furniture exporters together with domestic importers & dealers both in Turkey and its surrounding markets.



By exhibiting in FURNistanbul 2014, foreign furniture exporters will promote their products not only to Turkish market, but also to the potential markets that they are not too much familiar. These are countries that Turkey has good relationships and an intensive trade offers also good long term potential for trade : Iran, Iraq and other Middle East countries as well as Caucasian, Northern Africa and Balkan countries.


Since all Turkish and surrounding countries’ importers will be there, FURNistanbul 2014 will provide new horizons to get in contact with companies are looking for representatives, dealers and partners in emerging markets as well as to build up and renew their buyer relationships for those who already have contacts to some extent in those markets.


Considering its cosmopolite buyer characteristics, besides it domestic potential, FURNistanbul 2014 will be a gateway for western furniture exporters to the emerging market potential of Turkish and other surrounding oriental markets of Near and Middle East countries. On the other hand, this is also an ideal event that will open the doors of the broad market of Southern and Eastern Europe for Asian stylish furniture producers.




As a result of its increasing appeal and growing importance for international trade, commerce and industry (including furniture), its constantly improving infrastructure, international networking and active involvement of national associations and corporations, Turkey is becoming day by day the hub of global markets.


Turkey is one of the fastest growing markets, 16th largest economy in the world and 6th largest economy compared with EU countries. According to the OECD figures, Turkey is expected to be the fastest growing economy among its members during 2011-2017 period, with an annual average growth rate of 6.7 percent.


In recent years, unlike western countries, the housing industry has received tremendous support from the entry of a number of real estate developers and increasing demand for residential property in Turkey. This has created a strong platform for the furniture industry to grow and prosper. In last 10 years, the value of Turkey’s furniture imports has been growing at a steady increase rate.


All these visible improvements in the Turkish economy have also boosted foreign trade in furniture industry both for imports and exports. Sitting on the border of Asia and Europe, Turkey, is on the cross roads of the global trade flow between Eastern and Western markets. Much of the wealth accumulated in the world in the last few years has concentrated in neighboring Middle Eastern and Central Asian markets.


For furniture companies, Turkey is the gateway to enter the broad market of Southern and Eastern Europe as well as Middle East, Northern Africa and Caucassia countries. Within the area reached only by 3 to 4 hours travel from Turkey, there are 56 countries where more then around 1.5 billion people are living. They are representing 1/3 of the world economy and 46% of all world imports that is around 8.5 trillion USD.


As the Malaysian Int. Trade & Industry Minister Datuk Seri Mustapha Mohamed says: “Turkey can be the gateway for Asian products and services to enter the broad market of Southern and Eastern Europe. This is true also for almost all foreign countries since Turkey has good relationships and intensive trade with the markets where most of Eastern and Western countries are not familiar with”.




Istanbul is the hub of Turkish economy. Istanbul is the center of Turkish economic life including furniture industry and trade, is a cosmopolite metropolis where more than 15 million people live.


The center where a lot of international events happen. With its strategic location and modern infrastructure as well as its historical, economical, social and cultural characteristics, Istanbul is the best choice for all kinds trading activities available at the door of emerging markets.


The only city located on two continents. As being the only city located on two continents connected by bridges and tubes, Istanbul has countless qualities which make the city a perfect location for international events with its huge capacity of offering world class accommodation and convention facilities.


Direct flight to Istanbul from 200 different countries. It is accessible from all parts of the world served by more than 300 international airlines. As to 2012, Ataturk Airport is the leading European airport according to number of passengers and flights. It hosts around 800 - 900 flights daily (1100 flights in peak times). Moreover, you can fly directly from 200 cities to Istanbul and vice versa only by Turkish Airlines award winner of “the Best European Airline” in 2011.


The world’s leading destination for trade events. The city hosted many important and large scale international trade fairs and congresses with success within the past 10 years providing to Istanbul worldwide reputation and references. It also became also one of the world’s leading destinations for international furniture trade events




The organizer of Furnistanbul is ATLANTIS Fair Inc. previously known with its craft, art and wood industry supplier trade fairs. It is one of the companies belonging to EKIN Group, that is a worldwide famous group known with its 21 years experience in publishing and trade fair industry, especially with “Mobilya Dekorasyon” and “Furniturk” magazines..


EKIN Group managers and representatives are well-known figures of global furniture world, all specialized on furniture & furniture supplying markets. The group is present around 50 important industrial trade events in a year and represents Turkey in important platforms, congresses, summits of global furniture markets.


The group has strong relationships and powerful impacts not only in Turkey but also in international markets. Due to its wide experience and contacts in global furniture markets like Middle East, North Africa, Caucasian, former CIS and Turkic republics as well as European and Asian regions, the group is widely cooperating and affiliating with international organizations, alliances and associations




FURNistanbul 2014 will be held in TÜYAP Fair, Convention and Congress Center that is the biggest and most modern venue of Turkey. It is the meeting point for international trade fairs in Istanbul, the cradle of civilizations offering numerous business opportunities today and also for tomorrow. Exhibitors and visitors from many countries all over the world benefit from services at national and international standards supported by a well-established infrastructure. This global platform consisting of 12 halls, hosts each year 14.000 exhibitors from almost 60 countries and near 2 million visitors from 70 countries on a 98,000 sqm exhibition area.





The product groups that wıll be exhibited during FURNistanbul 2014:



* HOME FURNITURE (furniture for living room, dining room, bedroom, children’s room etc.)

* UPHOLSTERED FURNITURE (suites, armchairs, divans, single sofas and sofabeds etc.)




* BEDDING (mattresses and sleeping systems, beds, waterbeds, bedding, bed linen)

* INTERIOR DECORATION (Decorative home accessories, lighting, textiles, interior decoration products)


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