Five cautious steps in choosing the furniture

Posted in Romania on Wednesday, 26 June 2013. Print

Editorial published in MagMob no.2/2013. In Romania, Eastern Europe.

Five cautious steps in choosing the furniture

It is decided: you are going to choose furniture for your home! But wait a minute; come back, these things can’t be done in a hurry. It would be wise to ask yourself questions first, to seek for answers, and only after that, you might be properly documented to start visiting the furniture stores. Why? I’ll tell you why: to avoid the annoying situation that you discover after a while, that you don’t like anymore the furniture purchased at the first impulse, it’s not comfortable and it’s not practical, it doesn’t fit in the general arrangement of your home.

How to proceed?


1. Match the furniture to your own taste. Take in consideration pieces of furniture that you like as aspect and that you think you would like to see merged into the intimate ambience of your home. Don’t make concessions; don’t think about what your relatives or your friends will say: after you close the door, your home is a private place where you should feel good and you can relax.


2. Choose a style, a trend, and combine the pieces from the same category: if you are not an expert in matching different styles to obtain a unitary final structure, it’s safer not to drop an avant-garde sofa near classical style furniture, because you may obtain a bluff.


3. The objects from the house (also the decorative ones) have a purpose. When you choose the furniture have in mind the functionality and comfort. Test the furniture that you want to buy in the showroom and I recommend you to look for high quality materials and durable construction.


4. The price has to be seen only as an obstacle in the process of bringing home items that you really like, furniture wherewith you will be content for a long time. Put the price in the third place of the list of criteria, allow the comfort and design to come first.


5. Document yourself throughly before you buy. In the MagMob magazine you can find on almost every page several web addresses of companies that are manufacturing and selling furniture in Romania: our intention is to encourage you to take in consideration more sources, thus helping you to make the best choice.

Good luck exploring the jungle of the furniture market….


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