FIQ brings small and large companies together

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The 9th edition of FIQ furniture show continues until tomorrow with novelties in machines, accessories and raw materials for manufactures throughout Brazil. Taking place at Centro de Eventos Expoara, in Arapongas (PR), thw exhibition opened, on March 11th, the event calendar directed to furniture business this year.

FIQ brings small and large companies together

With perspectives of generating around USD 130 million in business, the fair portraits businessmen bets on solutions for better competitiveness, productivity and production capacity of furniture with unique design. “All exhibitors brought news to the industry, in all segments”, says Wanderley Vaz de Lima, president of the show.

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Visitors from the whole country, small, medium and big enterprises are interested in meeting and interacting with novelties to the supply chain industry from Brazil and other countries. There are 200 exhibitors, 65% of which represent the wood machinery segment. The event has grown 13% in relation to its last edition, that took place in 2012.

According to the president of Sectorial Chamber of Woodworking Machines of the Brazilian Association of Machinery Industry, Marcos Antonio Muller, the growth of tecnology and automation sector for small and medium companies in 2013 was significative. “Small and medium companies are going through a very positive evolution in order to increase business competitiveness, reducing costs and improving methods without losing flexibility, which is important inside a disputed market. This process happens on a daily basis for larger companies”, he explains.

To Muller, Brazil has a lot to grow. “We have one of the best production centers and expertises inside the furniture market. What stops us from competing with European and Asian enterprises are the high taxes and logistics costs. The demand here is still expanding due to reflexes on construction. Companies need to know that it is time to innovate, optimize assets, reduce costs. A higher automation leve and good raw material management will make companies more resistent to market oscillations and more solid to a healthy future growth”, he marks.

Read more about FIQ at eMobile website (in Portuguese).


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