Do you know how to sell kitchens?

Posted in Brasil on Tuesday, 11 November 2014. Print

Digital magazine RG Movel Varejo helps retailers and also gives a profile of digital consumers

Do you know how to sell kitchens?

A Brazilian publication that targets furniture retailers, RG Movel Varejo has a special story with important information to those selling kitchens. In such a broad market, insumes, design and funcionality are essencial data that can be passed to consumers. To understand clients and to know their real needs and necessities is also part of a good sale. At the complete story, furniture manufacturers point out other good arguments.

Another essencial hability to a retailer is to have a well administered store. At RG Movel Varejo, specialists explain why it is só important to keep focus on financial management and how a specific software can be used.

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The edition also has a story about young consumers – between 15 and 32 years old – who are always connected, are interested in new products, don't like installments and have strong influence at social networks. The published research is interesting to those wanting to atract new costumers.

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