Countdown for IFEX 2014

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Indonesia International Furniture Expo – a brand new exhibition just across from Singapore

A lot gets said about Indonesia, a vast archipelago in Southeast Asia, and in recent years the talk is all about the renewed surge of one of the world’s most dynamic economies and newest democracies. Now, just a hop across from Singapore, the nation’s capital Jakarta is gearing up for a brand new furniture exhibition that promises to deliver on Indonesia’s legendary creativity and artistic diversity.

Countdown for IFEX 2014

IFEX, the Indonesian International Furniture Exhibition (March 11 - 14, 2014), is brought to you by UBM and Dyandra, a local organizer with more than a decade of experience in running world-class exhibitions that draw tens of thousands of participants globally. Dyandra successfully organized another major international furniture exhibition in Jakarta for six years. With more than 700 exhibitors confirmed, IFEX will take place at JI Expo, Jakarta’s largest and most sophisticated exhibition venue.

It is difficult to describe Indonesia’s furniture offering without using superlatives. And yet, the cultural and natural diversity of the country is so rich that inevitably it gets reflected in the creations coming out of the archipelago’s workshops. The country’s furniture and handicrafts industry has a solid reputation globally as a result of historical traditions in woodwork and artistic crafts. Continuing centuries’ old traditions that are handed down from one generation to the next, the country’s artisans continue to innovate and refine their crafting skills using wood, rattan, bamboo and a host of other natural resources that grow abundantly under the equatorial sun.

This extraordinary diversity of products is visible in showrooms and small retailers from Bali to Central Java. Old dugout canoes are given a new lease of life as bookshelves, reclaimed timber boards are turned into racks and chairs, and colossal tree roots are crafted into dining tables. This trend of recycling unused materials is only matched by the high level of artistry and imagination to repurpose them successfully.

What this means for buyers is a bewildering array of products to choose from, marrying the practical with the whimsical. This offers plenty of inspiration to decorate anything from restaurants to hotel lobbies, and offices to homes.

Much progress has been made by Indonesia to make sure that the furniture industry does not contribute to the country’s notorious deforestation. In response to a government crackdown, levels of illegal logging have actually fallen by 75% from 2000 to 2010, which means that there is now more legal wood in the supply chains used by furniture companies. Moreover, a nation-wide programme is under way to ensure that producers meet strict legality requirements when exporting to the EU. This can give buyers peace of mind when buying locally made teak products at IFEX.

Couple those advantages with Indonesia’s legendary hospitality, and IFEX becomes an enticing value proposition. The capital is a bustling metropolis blending business areas and historical districts, with an eclectic mix of entertainment and dining venues that attract some of the best culinary talents in the world. It is also well served by a major port and an international airport on the outskirts of the city.

From Jakarta, reaching Indonesia’s furniture hub in Central Java takes a mere one-hour flight, and from there it’s easy to canvas the area to explore the workshops that produce and export furniture around the world. Teak furniture production in Central Java dates back to pre-colonial times. Two historical clusters are the towns of Jepara and Klaten that emerged before the 17th century to serve the demand of the royal families for carved wood furniture. Jepara, in addition to serving the domestic market, is well connected to markets in the USA, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia and elsewhere.

UBM and Dyandra have spared no effort to ensure that IFEX is a rewarding, enriching and safe experience for visitors.

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