Brazilian furniture retail outlook

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Recently presented to the market, the Outlook of Brazilian Furniture Retail is an iniciative by Furniture Innovation Management Center (CGI) and Industrial Marketing and Studies Institute (IEMI).

Brazilian furniture retail outlook

According to the study –  published exclusively at Portal eMobile – Rio Grande do Sul is the main state in furniture production, with 92 million pieces in 2012 (including mattresses) or 18.6% of Brazil's total. The state also has 2,500 productive units (14%) that employs almost 43,000 people (13%).

Furniture retail

The domestic consumption of furniture, including home and office, was of 488.5 million pieces in 2012. According to IEMI, Brazil has 46,000 furniture selling points.

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The domestic industry supplies the retail with 97.7% of the furniture. In 2013 it is estimated a 4.4% increase in sales volume and 9.5% in sales values, representing 427 million pieces of furniture and R$ 58.3 billions.

Specialized stores still are the main retail option for furniture and matresses sales in Brazil – 53% of  profit is generated by this segment. Rio Grande do Sul has 2,600 furniture selling points and 2,300 are specialized.

Retail Outlet Profile

- To be considered in the study, the retail chains must have at least 5 stores specialized in furniture retail;
- Rio Grande do Sul furniture participation over retails total is 21.2% in volume and 17.4% in values;
- The main product lines sold in this outlet are bedrooms (45% in volume and 40% in values) and kitchens (14.6% in volume and 10.8% in values);
- The furniture average length of stay in stores is 34 days in national retail and 27 days in Rio Grande do Sul.

2013 expectations versus 2012

- General retail: volume high in 4.9% (8.4% in 2012)
- Furniture production: 5.3% increase (6.6% in 2012)
- Furniture retail: 4.4% in volume and 9.5% in values (in 2012: 6.3% and 11.4%, respectively)

The complete report is available at IEMI website.

Photo: Bento Gonçalves city hall
Graphics: IEMI


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