Black Friday 2014 is coming to Brazil

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Black Friday is coming in Brazil, representing an opportunity to pay less in virtual stores, antecipating the Christmas' purchases

Black Friday 2014 is coming to Brazil

In its fourth year, Black Friday happens in Brazil on November 28th. To this year, the  expected sales to the virtual action - which involves a series of discounts on products - is around R$ 1.2 billion, according to the research company E-bit. The amount represents a nominal increase of 56% compared to 2013 - that generated R$ 770 million in one single day.

The forecast for the average ticket of this year is R$ 355, totaling 3.37 million requests. "Retailers are betting on Black Friday to boost sales this holiday season and will offer big discounts to attract more customers to their purchase channels on the Internet," said the executive director of the E-bit, Pedro Guasti.

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The high consumption of Brazilians at this date - one of the most important for the online retail in the year -, takes place both by the proximity of Christmas as by the consumer confidence, who realize that the discounts are real and, thus, seek for benefits from the offers.

Jonathan Migliorini, manager of the e-commerce division of Lojas MM - a retail store in Brazil - says that the balance of past editions has been very positive. What motivated the company to improve even more its process of providing of the e-commerce service. "The proposed segment growth in the current year is 25%. However, the customers who are shopping online start to pay each day more attention to the service delivery. Of course the price is still the determining factor, but this item is getting less important. The store that hears its clients will get advantages."

For the 2014 edition of Black Friday in Brazil, the retailer estimates a growth of 30% increase in sales. When asked about how they are preparing for the event, Migliorini said that promotions will be designed to be available on the day of the event. "The stock of products with high discounts will be available in quantity and prompt delivery. And our logistics team is prepared to meet the demands of increased volume on this day", he confirms.

The products that are most popular at the time are the electronics, especially the cellphones and smartphones. However, being a retail store, the manager of the e-commerce says that all categories have some kind of promotion. In the furnitre category, the Lojas MM has already sold about 30% more than last year. "This is a category that has had a growing audience, since we have unique products to the website. And this is what the customers are searching to their homes - exclusiveness."


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