BIFE-SIM 2013 in Bucharest, at Romexpo

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Between the modern aesthetic of solid wood furniture and original upholstery: Romanian specific cultural elements and creativity combine this autumn in Bucharest to form the largest furniture fair in Romania! BIFE-SIM 2013 will present not only the latest trends in Romanian furniture design, but also spectacular furniture pieces – the finest Romanian furniture for both the domestic market and the markets abroad.

BIFE-SIM 2013 in Bucharest, at Romexpo

The inspirational furniture show of shapes and ideas will take place between the 17th and 21st of September, in Bucharest, at the Romexpo Exhibition Centre, on a surface of over 30,000 square meters.


BIFE-SIM 2013 will gather over 300 companies that will present their newest high-quality products. Functionality and charming design in the modern products or highest level traditional skills and accuracy in classic style reproduction furniture, you will find them all beautifully reflected in a wide range of products prepared to satisfy the highest customer demands. Among the top exhibitors are: Simex Grup, Mobex, Famos, Alro International, Monte Cristo Mobili, Tehnoprod, Global Design, Sarmex, Axm Prod 93, Ardudana, Capitol Impex, Nord Simex, Dragsil, Vinotti Romtrade, Mobilux, Casa Rusu, Mobila Dalin, Mobilierul , Agache, Everart, Alson Com Trading, Prestige Mob, Transilvania Production, Durieux International, Quadra Invest, Szel Mob, Sigstrat, Ronex, Trend Furniture, Traffic Chairs and many more.


BIFE-SIM 2013 offers a unique opportunity to the business visitors; they can join the special designed Hosted Buyers program. An early registration will bring them plenty of advantages, including a very attractive trip to one of the most beautiful sights in Romania. (Participants can choose between The Danube Delta and Poiana Brasov.)


With a long tradition in furniture manufacturing, Romania is a major furniture exporter, well-known for the quality of its products. The production of solid wood furniture (mainly in oak, beech, softwoods, cherry) earned Romanian furniture sector a good name and international recognition, but modern products are nothing less and convince customers all over the world they could be the right choice for them, as well. “Style, Comfort, Durability” is Romanian furniture sector’s logo. Either classic-styled or modern furniture pieces made in Romania are able to convince you these are not just words.


Come to BIFE-SIM 2013 in September and you will become a fan, too. A fan of the fair, a fan of the Romanian furniture, and – who knows? - probably a fan of Romania as well.


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