A statistical analysis of the UK furniture industry

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FIRA’s latest statistical digest provides an invaluable summary of how the UK furniture industry is performing, pulling relevant data from Government bodies such as the Office for National Statistics, HM Customs and Revenue and Communities and Local Government, plus the Bank of England to identify and analyse the manufacturing and spending trends of previous years.

A statistical analysis of the UK furniture industry

As a media partner of the FIRA association, Furniture News was among the first to receive the latest edition of the digest. Published in November last year, the report is limited in detail to figures from 2010 to 2013 – yet it provides one of the clearest pictures of the industry available today.

Covering areas such as national economic trends, the structure of the UK furniture manufacturing industry and trading relationships with the rest of the world, the report delivers trade figures regarding various industry sub-sectors across a range of contract, office and domestic product groups.

Key findings of the latest report include national economic trends such as lending, property and expenditure, plus furniture industry trends including manufacturing turnover, imports and exports.

Author Dr Peter Beele is the technical development manager at FIRA, a UK-based company that delivers independent services dedicated to the furniture supply chain and consumers, as well as research and standards advice for members of the association. The full report is available free to FIRA members, and for £300 otherwise, from here.

Read my summary of the key findings, plus commentary from Peter, by following this link.

This article was published in the January issue of Furniture News magazine.


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