A quality event of the furniture industry suppliers

Posted in Italy on Monday, 18 June 2012. Print

Half time between two editions of the SICAM we were curious, what makes the furniture industry supplier trade fair in Italy so attractive. Carolina Giobbi, marketing director of the fair held in Pordenone (17-20.10.2012), answered to the IAFP portal’s questions. She points out: the big purchasing decision-makers who dictate commercial and marketing strategies will definitely come to Italy in October.

A quality event of the furniture industry suppliers

• In just a few years SICAM has become very well known in the world of furniture all over the globe. What is the secret to this growth and what is the trade fair’s target?

• SICAM immediately established itself as a quality event, or rather as an event where quality became the key element, the factor behind its success. To explain myself better, at SICAM quality means meticulous attention to detail in the organisation and execution of the event. This means eliminating all worries exhibitors may have at an operating or organisational level so that they can focus exclusively on their business. What’s more, in a country that is the global leader in top quality furniture, the location we have chosen certainly makes the difference. We are in the heart of the furniture industry and our trade fair is held in the most strategically period for this sector in relation to company choices and planning. Focusing on dedicating effort to these factors has been vital for SICAM’s development over the years; equally significant was having centred on a very definite target selection. SICAM has always been open exclusively to sector operators, and we have never given any room to parties that could have been misleading for the companies at the fair. We have received many requests for inclusion that were not appropriate at times. We purposefully avoided them because we believe that the extreme specialisation of our exhibitors perfectly matches that of our visitors. They are all operators from the furniture industry, and all of them come to SICAM with the same business idea in mind.


• Tell us about last year’s figures and give us some insight into the upcoming event.

• In October 2011, we recorded over 17,500 operators at Pordenone, originating from ninety countries from five continents. There were 545 exhibitors from 25 different countries. This high international factor – with 27% of total presences coming from abroad – really shows the force of SICAM. We can say that all of the top international players are present at SICAM, which this year is the truly global point of reference for the sector. The event hosts them by occupying the entire exhibition area at Pordenone. Among the participants, without naming any names – which in any case have been up on the event’s website for some time now – beside all important Italian companies, as usual there are the big palyers from Europe with a highlight from Turkey, now taking active steps with great determination. This is a market of great interest, one of the few in expansion and with prospects in the specific furniture sector, which many of our companies are trying to latch onto. So, we expect this edition of SICAM to reach last year’s levels at least. The international financial crisis is clearly a negative factor that has its effects; it may cause a drop in numbers but not in quality. In any case, the big purchasing decision-makers who dictate commercial and marketing strategies are still on the go. We know that they will be at SICAM no matter what.


• What big names have announced their presence at SICAM 2012 and what new entries are there?

• Over four-hundred exhibitors have already signed up for SICAM 2012. As I said before, these include all the leading international players, but don’t ask me to name names. For us, all the exhibitors are important companies. In any case, the www.exposicam.it website has had an updated list of the participating companies available for some time now, along with the main information on the event. SICAM has always been considered the right location for presenting new innovations in design, materials, and products. However, the previews are almost always only communicated to us right before the event, and at the moment we can only be certain that many of our exhibitors will place their bets on the innovations presented at SICAM in relation to trends, innovative materials, and applied technologies.


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