A Massive Project: Houjie’s Furnishings Expo Park

Posted in China on Tuesday, 07 February 2012. Print

Dongguan Famous Furniture Association, the organizer of International Famous Furniture Fair (Dongguan), unveiled a massive project of over 13 million square feet to an audience of 1,000 people on 20 Dec 2011 in Houjie. By the name of “Famous Furnishings Expo Park”, the planning and design of Famous Furnishings Expo Park (FFEP) focus on the integration of trade fair – International Famous Furniture Fair – with year-around showrooms.

A Massive Project: Houjie’s Furnishings Expo Park

FFEP will include a skyscraper – International Furnishings Center and 2 major malls, one for home furnishing products, and one for building materials.


The International Furnishing Center (IFC) is a skyscraper of 102 floors, 480 meters high. It will house a research and design institute, an inspection and testing center, a media center, an international convention center, a furniture college, an intellectual property rights protection center, a furniture cultural center, offices of furniture manufacturing and trading companies, a custom declaration and inspection center as well as a six-star hotel. The exterior of IFC will be low-e glass curtain, spiraling upward along the building. The top floor will be an Observation deck and house a helipad. Upon completion, IFC will become the highest building in the world for home furnishing industry.


The home furnishing mall will be the first building to be completed and will be put into use in March 2013. It is a building of 8 floors, with 2 floors underground. Its total building area is 350,000 square meters. Its interior is stylish and trendy, with multiple canyon-shaped atriums. 14 elevators and 136 escalators will be moving shoppers around the mall. With sophisticated ground and underground parking, the mall will be a comprehensive, experience-tense shopping center.


The mall – currently under construction – is to open in March 2013. It will be a year around component of the International Famous Furniture Fair.


The first floor will be the branded floor, showcasing 60 global leading home furnishings brands with flagship stores of 2,000 square meters in size and 8 meters in height. Second to fourth floor will accommodate the flagship stores of over 1,000 home furnishings producers and serve as a year-round component of International Famous Furniture Fair. The fifth floor will take ideas from New York Fifth Avenue and Paris Champs-Élysées to be a lifestyle floor, featuring entertainment facilities and ballrooms. The sixth floor will accommodate an IMAX cinema, fine restaurants and food courts, language and music learning centers. It will be a top destination for cultural events and leisure activities. The basement floor will house stores of home decorative accessories, providing the best and most comprehensive shopping experiences for designers and buyers from all around the world.


The Building Materials Trade Area will be another 350,000 square meters in size. It will introduce leading global building materials brand names featuring products including ceramic, bathroom, lighting, curtain and home textile, and will become an integrated building materials procurement destination.


The design and planning of FFEP actually started 2 years ago and IFC was designed to be 20 floors. But the interests from the industry was so strong that the design was modified to 56 floors and finally 102 floors. At the Information Release event, 362 partners submitted Space Application Form.


The announcement of the project came at a time when the government of Guangdong Province – one of the most economically advanced provinces in China, which has cities like Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Dongguan under its jurisdiction – announced a plan to build Houjie into an International Furniture Procurement Center.


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