2011: a good year for the furniture market in France

Posted in France on Tuesday, 03 April 2012. Print

Let us start with a figure: EUR 9.83 billion. This is the turnover carried out by the French furniture market last year. It deserves to be emphasized since it has represented the highest historical score for 20 years. For evolving surface areas, this means an increase of 2.5% in value, earning EUR 240 million in a single year. For stable surface areas, the estimated increase is + 1.58%.

2011: a good year for the furniture market in France

As far as products are concerned, with an increase of 6% and a turnover of EUR 2.423 billion, the fitted kitchen is, once more, the leader on this market; even though we notice that every other families are progressing as well.

Furnishings lead the sales, representing 34.7% of the market shares, a turnover of EUR 3.409 billion and an increase of 1.5% compared to 2010.

The second best is reached by the upholstered furniture (sofas, armchairs, couches…), which represented 24.9% of market shares and EUR 2.444 billion, meaning an increase of 1%.

After a flaming year 2010, the bedding declined a little, nonetheless progressing of 1.7% to reach EUR 1.133 billion.


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